Psychotherapy Services Provided

Treatment specializations include, but are not limited to:

Theoretical Approach

I have an eclectic approach derived from psychodynamic psychology, which is an insight-oriented therapy to help individuals understand the interplay that occurs between themselves and others. In my experiences, this approach is most effective in helping individuals become aware of unconscious aspects of themselves. Some examples of unconscious aspects are repeated patterns of behavior, feeling, and thought that produce interpersonal conflict and unproductive decisions. I have theoretical experience in family systems theory, as well as Jungian-based analytic theory and geriatric theory. I also use cognitive-behavioral theory to assist individuals in finding adaptive ways of perceiving themselves in relationship to others. Teaching new skills for effective coping, communication, and self-care are some of the behavioral interventions used to provide symptom relief.

Method And Techniques

My personal style is empathic and interactive. I provide a safe, supportive environment to facilitate personal growth and development with an emphasis on personal empowerment. I utilize nondirective interactions such as empathic listening, reflection, and clarification. Some directive techniques utilized include interpretation, asking questions, providing information, and collecting historical data. The process of assessment and diagnosis is directly shared with the individual through the therapy experience.